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1) PRODUCTS, new or second hand that are being sold as seen and approved by pictures, in cases where they are not present will be sent by email to the customer upon request. When pictures won't be displayed will be sent to consumer's email upon request.
2) PRICES in every ads are including VAT and the same shall be added to the shipping price vary based on the region and the country of destination. Vat is included in every ads. Shipping fares may vary on different regions and countries.
3) ORDER can be made contacting the given phone number in the ad or by e-mail provided below each ad space.
4) Any RETURNS will be allowed and granted only under special conditions when the combs and obvious mistakes made by Walter Tuzi sole proprietorship.
5) The PICTURES reported elsewhere in the site or sent by e-mail to the customers are the whole property of Tuzi Walter.
6) Through email the customer could declare the willingness to buy one or more items, verifying the availability and check the shipping and payment methods. It won't be allowed order and buy right from the site because it isn't e-commerce point but just a dysplaying site. Please contact Walter Tuzi ownership for any enquiries and further information.
Non-authorized reproduction and use of pictures will be prosecuted. 7) You can choice to pay through Paypal

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